is pleased to announce its first awards in a number of categories.

There will be two categories of awards:

Leaders: for CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CXOs, or the Team
Products / Services: 1) Achievements and 2) Innovation


How the CEO / CXO / teams assisted the company / industry in enhancing the revenue, customer growth and customer experience; or how they innovated, optimized expenditure, handled major crisis, negotiated big deals, handled big projects, led big teams, etc.



How your products or services assisted your customer to generate additional revenue; or how it supported their business development or daily activities of retail customers, enhanced customer satisfaction, increased RoI, reduced cost, etc.


What was the innovation, when was the innovation, what was uniqueness, what was the impact on customer, benefits from innovation, need for innovation, report on trials, etc.

Telecomlead Awards 2017 categories

  1. TelecomLead Leaders
  2. TelecomLead operator
  3. TelecomLead Equipment Maker (3G, 4G, WiFi, Fixed Broadband, etc)
  4. TelecomLead IoT service
  5. TelecomLead Fixed Broadband operator
  6. TelecomLead 4G operator
  7. TelecomLead Mobile Internet operator
  8. TelecomLead Business Communication operator
  9. TelecomLead Service Quality
  10. TelecomLead Mobile App
  11. TelecomLead Chipset Company (3G, 4G, IoT, etc)
  12. TelecomLead Testing Company (devices and service providers)
  13. TelecomLead Tower Company
  14. TelecomLead Analytics Company
  15. TelecomLead SDN / NFV Company
  16. TelecomLead IT services Company
  17. TelecomLead OSS/BSS Company
  18. TelecomLead Marketing Campaign
  19. TelecomLead PR Campaign
  20. TelecomLead Tech Institute
  21. TelecomLead Smartphone / Tablet Company


The Jury consists of experts from the Telecom and IT industry. The Awards will be finalized solely based on the criteria mentioned herewith, and the decision of the Jury will be final.

Important dates

31 May: Submission of application

Submission of well drafted inputs along with registration fee of Rs.15000 (incl taxes). Each entry requires separate registration fee.  Click here to register.

1-10 June: Jury Discussions

Only quality inputs will be submitted to the Jury for evaluation. Jury will include senior professionals from the Indian telecom and IT industry. The names of the Jury members will be disclosed after the awards are announced.

June 15: Awards announcement